This is where the project stands as of Jan. 05,2013

I have the Radiator ( center) element in the radio room working on it.

Rebuilding the matching unit has been fun.

This is how I got the unit and it will be a total rebuild and clean job.

Just another view with a 440 cross beam in view.

Here you can see the matching unit with the black plastic unit with N connector in the center.

Also you can see the boom with the boom to mast bracket.

The 6 coils for the beam.

This is how I took the coils apart and cleaned them up.

In the sink I used hot water on the caps.

The using a blade screwdriver I worked it around the coil to loosen it up.

Do not use to much pressure, they will work free after a few times around the coil.

Remove the both caps and put them in a safe place.

Note the color code marks on the end. These indicate  coil

they are. If the color code is missing you can always count the number of turns

and remark it. The color marks always go towards the boom.

Remove the screws on both ends.

Pull the ends of the coils out by holding the trap cover in one hand and the

small end in the other hand. Slowly pull and twist them apart.

Do the same to the other side.

Remember, when cleaning they coils you do not want to take the

silver plate off the coils. I used an SOS pad lightly and a brass brush to clean the coils.

The tube can be clean with the SOS pad and it does a good job.

More pictures of the coils cleaned soon.

This is a picture of the Hazer unit that the beam will be mounted on.

This is the N connector with the matching unit. The match is a piece of  wire out of the

center of RG8 coax.

To get it out of the antenna unit you need to cut on leg of the match.

This N connector is not easy to find. It has a smaller center on the back side and is not common.

Mosley also used a SO 239 connector.

I slid the new matching wires in to the center piece and solder it to the cleaned up connector.

This might be left to someone that has experience at soldering.

I used a 100 Watt American Beauty Iron. For one thing it got the connector hot quick

and did not melt the plastic center. This was a silver connector so I use the SOS and silver cleaner on it.

Note how the lead is checked, this would have given me match problems if I had left

it alone and not changed it

Here you can see the other lead, the little shot stub.

They are both the same length when new

Boom plate and mast bracket after cleaning.

Now I need to polish it.

Here are some extra coils that I found.

I came up with a full set that were not broke.

These coils are available from Mosley but not cheap.

More pictures to come as I work on it.

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