High Gain



High Gain Hy-Tower project is just starting.

I put the tower sections together to clean it up.

I need to make a base and get all new hardware.

This came from the bay area a few weeks ago.


Just because we were near the beach we just had to go and get lunch and play a bit.


Me playing in the surf after a hard day loading the antenna


The Surf Board was next to where we had lunch at the Beach

One pile of parts

one chair, a bucket of water and SOS pads.

The SOS pads are one good way to clean of the parts

Note the corrosion on the tube right above the DANGER tag.

After the first washing the tubes are starting to look OK.

Tower sections together and base plate mounted.

Waiting for the insulators from MFJ.

This wait gave me a few extra weeks to clean the tower a few times.

This is the reducer for the main shaft that goes out of the top of the tower sections.

More cleaning


This is the base plate with the pad holes in it.


Here the base plate has the posts for the insulators and tubes.


Base plate with all the parts ready to go on the pad .

Then bolt to the tower section of the antenna.

Getting it all ready.


Center wire with lug and solder, connected  to base plate.


Tower up in the air.


Ok, A temp coax connector in place. Only one ground rod connected.

This antenna is mounted next to the house, one might ask how good can it work.

Here are some of the first contacts made using this antenna.

V5/DK1CE 9/22/2014 15 CW Namibia  
W1AW/1 9/22/2014 15 CW USA CT
W1AW/4 9/23/2014 20 CW USA NC
VP9/ND8L 9/25/2014 20 RTTY Bermuda  
P49X 9/25/2014 20 RTTY Aruba  
VK9AN 9/25/2014 20 RTTY Christmas I.  
W1AW/7 9/25/2014 20 RTTY USA ID
W1AW/7 9/26/2014 30 CW USA ID
W1AW/5 9/26/2014 30 RTTY USA NM
KI7MT 9/26/2014 20 RTTY Not Found MT
VP9/K3GP 9/26/2014 20 RTTY Bermuda  
N7NM 9/26/2014 20 RTTY USA WA
W0NEO 9/26/2014 20 RTTY USA AR
CR5R 9/26/2014 20 RTTY Portugal  
TF2R 9/26/2014 20 RTTY Iceland  
NN1SS 9/26/2014 20 RTTY USA NH
ZX2B 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Brazil  
ZX2B 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Brazil  
N1SNB 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Not Found MA
FG5LA 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Guadeloupe  
N3RC 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA MT
AA3B 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA PA
KZ2Q 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA NY
N8RU 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA MI
W4GKM 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA TN
KL7IWC 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Alaska AK
AI6YL 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA NV
NR4M 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA VA
W7RN 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA NV
RW0A 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Asiatic Russia  
CR3A 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Madeira Is.  
K5WW 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA TX
WN6K 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA CA
AB0LR 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA CO
W1UE 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA MA
VE7UF 9/27/2014 40 RTTY Canada BC
AF6SA 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA CA
P49X 9/27/2014 40 RTTY Aruba  
K3MJW 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA PA
KB7EEG 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA UT
P40HF 9/27/2014 40 RTTY Aruba VA
KI6RRN 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA CA
K7TQ 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA ID
NR4M 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA VA
KH7XX 9/27/2014 40 RTTY Hawaii HI
W7RY 9/27/2014 40 RTTY USA WA
W6AEA 9/27/2014 20 RTTY USA WA
VE7SV 9/27/2014 20 RTTY Canada BC
W0EM 9/27/2014 15 RTTY USA CO
N5JR 9/27/2014 15 RTTY USA TX
Hy-Gain Hy-Tower     AV-18HT  


I will also be adding a 160 coil. It is on order and should be here on the 29th of Sept....



160 Coil

Ok, the coil is here, 11 inches by 3 inches, 4 turns per inch.

It only took a few days to get it from MFJ.

I still needed to clean the glue off the coil where somebody taped on the part sticker.

You need to be careful if they do this to you, you can remove the silver coating from the coil.

I may put on 4 or 5 taps. If I do I will need a switch. Also maybe a Plexiglas box around the coil and switch.

Good thing that Pacificon 2014 has a swap on Saturday.

The piece of Plexiglas that I'm going to use is on the left, it is 3 by 14 inches and 1/2 inch thick.


Now all I need to do is mount the coil onto a piece of Plexiglas.

To do this I will need to route the sides of the Plexiglas with a 1/4 round nose bit and slide it inside the

center of the coil. Add a little acrylic glue and Walla, one 160 meter load coil

Oct 1, 2014


I routed the edge of the Plexiglas for the coil to slide into.

Now I need to wait for the rain to quit and I will install the 160 coil.


Nov. 19, 2014


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